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      By School Patrol


      The July 27 FCSB Meeting was surreal, but predictable as the 7 hard core cultural Marxists and 2 gutless abstainers all voted to change the J.E.B. Stuart High School—a school with over 100,000 graduates, the highest diversity rate in Fairfax, and zero reported race-related incidents in decades, and where 90% of the students polled recently want to keep the name or do not see a compelling need to change it. The video of the full meeting can be watched below.



      While the vote to change the school name may not have been stopped, the citizens and parents fighting against the corrupt and out of control school board have not stopped. In fact, the School Board should be very concerned because the name keepers fighting the nonsense held a very interesting press conference an hour before the School Board meeting where they invited Union and Confederate Civil War reenactors, a man who’s real name is Jeb Stuart, a professor with expertise on the harm of school name changes, and an African American Alumni who loves his alma mater.

      The press had a field day interviewing all the passionate Name Keepers. The only thing better was the sad and perplexed faces of the opposition that trinkled in with their Blue Shirts thinking they were going to dominate the proceedings. Of the press interviews, the citizen named Jeb Stuart told the sad story that he has had a local business for 30 years and never had anybody mention anything about his birth name ever until two years ago (when the name change activists started), and then all of a sudden some people in the community started calling him derogatory names and sending him hate mail.

      But that’s how nasty some of these activists are. Toward the end of the news conference, one of the Union Civil War reenactors started playing a civil war song with her flute, and all the press swarmed over to her to film it. One of the female activists then came over and barged into an interview a reporter was doing and started to pick an argument with the Union soldier so as to get on television. My my, bad manners to say the least.

      While the press conference and circus was highly effective and entertaining, the only problem was that it was not broadcast in time to influence the School Board’s decision.

      JEB Stuart, Confederate States Army general during the American Civil War (By Unknown or not provided (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


      The first speaker of the night at the 7:20 minute mark was an African American and U.S. Army Officer named Nick, who at the 7:20 minute mark stated that he was “Proud to have gone to J.E.B. Stuart,” and he never saw or felt any racial discrimination ever while enrolled in the highly diverse school which is comprised of 75% minorities from 80 different countries. He also stated he specialized in history and told the school board he had no problems with the Confederate Officer J.E.B. Stuart, and suggested others study him and the Civil War more, as well as the state of Virginia (which he is also proud of). He next said they only thing he finds offensive is people telling him what to be offended of, and that he is nobody’s victim. Lastly, he said “Go Raiders” (to which the opposition cringed at hearing the violent words).

      What was then hilarious to find is that the opposition had seven speakers that had committed themselves to written scripts about how African Americans are oppressed at J.E.B. Stuart, and all of them were WHITE (telling people of color how to react to old historic names).While that’s hard to top, the third speaker named Joe at the 14:45 minute mark introduced the Virginia Rifles, which is a Civil War reenactment group that volunteers to help educate the Civil War in Fairfax County. He was dressed in Confederate Uniform and said he has been doing this for 35 years, including going to Fairfax County Schools, and would like to volunteer to go to J.E.B. Stuart and other schools.

      A Union soldier dressed in Blue named Keturah then spoke and told the School Board we all know that the Union won, but the School Board and opposition are acting like reconciliation after the war never occurred and are trying to punish the South (for fun). She then quoted from a Pennsylvania Governor of the times, who praised, respected, and honored his Southern brothers whom he had battled against in the Civil War and said that to move forward and progress as a nation, we need each other. Apparently, not in 2017.

      At the 29:00 minute mark an Attorney named Kip said that he had just filed a “Court Hold” on the School Board and school system to hold onto all related papers, proceedings, letters, and emails, implying that his clients may have something in store in the future. He then reminded the school board that their greatest duty is to see that they engage in good governance, ensure fair treatment of others, and follow the rules and procedures. Unfortunately, he did not bring a dictionary, because it’s pretty obvious the School Board does not know the meaning of these words.

      Denise, the leader of the Name Keepers (at Stuartfacts.com) next spoke, and she drilled the School Board on corruption of process and continual unethical behavior. She also scolded them on the jury rigging of the motion, as well as creating poorly defined name-change decision criteria which are based on undefined terms like “compelling need” and “significant number of students” (while ignoring the 90% of the students that see no compelling need to change, which is significantly larger than 10% who want to change the name).

      Supporters of the J.E.B Stuart High School name change at the Fairfax County School Board meeting on July 27, 2017 meeting (FxFC Photo)


      The four J.E.B. videos start at the 42:00 minute mark, and Matt pointed out first that the school board has not been presented with any empirical data that changing school names helps any students succeed better (while a professor has shown that school name changes can actually be very harmful and detrimental to student psyche and academic performance). He also stated that by their current name change criteria they must also rename nearby Robert E. Lee High School (and with a slight move of the goal post, any and all other 30 schools in the county with associations with slavery). Lastly he embarrassed the School Board for not caring about the hundreds of dollars in new team spirit wear that the parents and students must absorb (with 67% of the students in the school in poverty). Selective empathy?

      A West Point graduate named Charles presented an amazing video explaining in detail how and why J.E.B. Stuart is an American Hero, including revealing that if J.E.B. Stuart had stayed in the Union instead of resigning he would have been tasked with the possibility of fighting against and killing his own family, neighbors, and friends in Virginia. Instead he decided to defend them with honor, after Lincoln called up 75,000 troops to suppress the capturing of Fort Sumter, and the Virginia governor refused to comply which led to Virginia seceding and Lincoln then invading Virginia.

      Laurel then provided an amazing video on J.E.B. Stuart and Duty, Honor, and Country from his days at West Point, and then lampooned the school board for claiming “moral need” to change the school name. The irony was that celebrated Hollywood producer and J.E.B. Stuart Alumni and Oscar award winning producer Bruce Cohen followed her video, saying that he was ashamed of J.E.B. Stuart High School. Cohen said he will help lead the fund-raising to offset the costs of name changing, even though he has never offered time or money to the school to help raise the quality of education or conditions of his alma mater.

      The last video pretty much summarizes all the corruption, violation of process, unethical behavior, lies, distortions, and just plain bad judgment and irresponsibility of the school to spend one million dollars on a school name change, and set a terrible precedent to change 30 more schools in the area based on nothing more than emotional impulse for a cost of roughly 20 million dollars. Next up: local high schools Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Mount Vernon, Fairfax, Chantilly, and Langley. There were teachers in the audience who were on the agenda for another topic, but must have wondered if they’ll ever get a pay increase again or if class sizes will ever go down.

      Opponents of the J.E.B Stuart High School name change at the Fairfax County School Board meeting on July 27, 2017 meeting (FxFC Photo)


      Despite 90% of the students wanting to keep the name or seeing no compelling need, and a cost of up to one million dollars, the School Board then proceeded to vote to change 7 to 2. Board members Tamara Derenak Kaufax and Megan McLaughlin abstained when they saw that they could not stop the name change (so count them as a vote to change on election day). The historic irony of the deed that has been done is that J.E.B. Stuart was killed in action towards the end of the Civil War by his classmate at West Point (General Phil Sheridan); history now repeats itself 150 years later as a handful of classmates killed the good 60-year history and heritage of 100,000 proud graduates of J.E.B. Stuart High School.

      What happened? Understand that J.E.B. Stuart’s community was scammed. This J.E.B. Stuart name change was perpetrated by a handful of activists working with several different national special interest groups and School Board members Sandy Evans and Patty Hynes (as confirmed by 10,000 FOIAs obtained). The name change:
      •Ignores the popular will, rights, and respect of 90% of the student population who were happy
      •Reflects the vigorous work of activists, such as:•35,000 signatures on a petition, mostly from out of state and county, and misrepresented to look like it was local
      •Exaggerated claims and offenses, while no formal complaints documented anywhere
      •Repeated falsehoods, distortions, and omission of data required for an informed public and decision-making
      •Demagoguery, intimidation, threats against students, facility, and community members (in violation of anti-bullying policies)
      •Misrepresentation of minorities
      •Routine violation of processes, regulations, policies, and law
      •Apparent exploitation of special privileges and insider manipulation

      Like an unsuspecting person on a vacation with a fat wallet ripe for pick pocketing, activists targeted J.E.B. Stuart as low hanging fruit and to build a beachhead. Mission accomplished. Even the shirts the organized opposition wear state “change the name” and are efficiently reusable for more school name changes to come (just like the 10,000 FOIAs obtained revealed).

      The School Board members who went along with the scam made their calculated decisions based on the public’s history of not paying attention or caring, and no one ever holds anybody accountable. As for the NAACP, the day after the name change vote, they were found using their victory for more “Fund Raising.”

      Editor’s Note. Various advocates for improved decision-making by the Fairfax County School Board express their opinions under the pseudonym “School Patrol” in order to avoid real or perceived retribution against them or their children.

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