Strategies for Excellence in Education – FCPS School Board Member Jeannette Hough Responds to CAPAFC Questionnaires

Strategies for Excellence in Education – FCPS School Board Member Jeannette Hough Responds to CAPAFC Questionnaires

CAPAFC: What would be your plan for FCPS in 2017? What would be the top priority in your plan?

Mrs. Hough: The most important plan for 2017 is ensuring the excellent operation of FCPS through the hiring of a highly qualified leader. The top priority is to identify and hire a new superintendent, followed by the hiring of an Auditor General, who will increase efficiency in FCPS programs and procedures.

CAPAFC: What is your strategy to close academic gaps in FCPS?

Mrs. Hough: As a policy making body, the board has created priorities and a strategic vision that include addressing achievement gaps. I look forward to working with the superintendent and staff to implement an excellent education for all students.

CAPAFC: What kind of parent participation is the most important to you?

Mrs. Hough: I always seek parent participation and parent voice, as I believe parents are the primary educators of their children. I respond to every parent who seeks my help, asks questions or give suggestions. In order to actively seek input, I hold regular office hours around the county to listen to parents and community members.

CAPAFC: What would you propose to resolve FCPS budget shortage issues?

Mrs. Hough: I think it is important that we begin a zero-based budget process in order to examine everything we do and to identify savings and efficiencies.

CAPAFC: What would be your strategy to retain teacher resources in FCPS?

Mrs. Hough: I continue to advocate that we invest to pay our teachers a competitive salary in order to compete with surrounding districts. In addition, we need to address workload issues and ensure that class sizes are appropriate.

CAPAFC: What would be your suggestions and/or advocates to parents?

Mrs. Hough: Parents should be involved with their children’s schools, be aware of the curriculums that are being taught, volunteer in the classroom, help with school events, and observe. If there are concerns, parents should talk with their child’s teacher, the principal, and if necessary our regional office staff.

Parents are welcome to contact their board members with comments, questions or concerns, attend school board meetings and address the board by using one of the speaker slots at regular board meetings.

CAPAFC: What would be your strategy to ensure all kids in FCPS getting their needed resources?

Mrs. Hough: I believe we best achieve this by keeping all class sizes appropriate and by hiring and retaining the best teachers.