CPEFC Parent Information Package: SR&R and Opt outs

5 Ways to Protect Your Students:

1. Decline to sign the Student Rights and Responsibility (SR&R) Form – How can we sign when we don’t know what the new rules mean for our children? Does noncompliance mandate suspension and activity expulsion?

2. OPT OUT of Guidance or Health Lessons on Gender Identity – Submit a letter to your school Principal and teachers opting out of SR&R, Guidance, Health, or other lessons about Gender Identity.

3. OPT OUT of FLE (Family Life Education) – which far exceeds state mandated Family Life instruction. We’ve included a summary of content if you don’t have time to review it yourself.

4. OPT OUT of Youth (Sex) Survey – Used by educational bureaucrats to justify the inclusion of explicit and socially irresponsible content in curricula for younger and younger grades.

5. Say No to Policy 1450 – and its related regulations and curricula. Write to the School Board and Superintendent Garza and your principal to express your concerns about implementing any part of the Gender Identity amendments of the Policy 1450 and its related information found in the SR&R, FLE, Youth Survey, guidance, health, and other lessons at:
•SuperintendentGarza@fcps.edu and SchBoard@fcps.edu.
•You may also visit School Board members in person to express your views regarding the protection, safety, and well-being of your children.

In addition, we encourage you to stay engaged and participate in the process.

Attend the next FCSB Meeting, Sept 8 at 7:00 PM – at Luther Jackson Middle School to ask for answers. CPEFC will also hold a peaceful protest outside starting at 6pm. (Please wear Red to demonstrate unified opposition.)