Chinese Parents Made Speeches at the 9/22 FCPS School Board Meeting

There were two brave Chinese parents made their speeches advocating student privacy and safety at the 9/22 FCPS School Board Meeting. Please see their full speech texts below.

Speech by Alice Guo:

A Dream or A Nightmare?

9-year-old Lily screamed as she ran out of the restroom, face pale with fears. A man just exposed himself…

A 23-year-old teacher was walking in the dark alley next to her apartment. She heard panting and turned around, and a man was leaning over, pants at his ankles…

Ladies and gentlemen. These are parents’ worst nightmares. Lily is my best friend. The 23-year-old teacher is me, Alice Guo. Tonight, I am here because I don’t want this to happen to our children! I’m here to challenge the lack of the school board in creating a caring culture as outlined in the strategic plan. I’m also here to express my compassion for transgender students’ rights and promote a win-win solution!

My kids leave for schools happily, ready to learn and grow up to change the world! As parents, we believe that our children are in good hands. But with Policy 1450 that opens doors to a subclass of male transgenders who are still erotically attracted to females, that belief is gradually reduced to an unreachable dream … Is it too much for a mother to ask? We need to protect children from threats, not increase their exposure!

I work with a transgender. Our company built a separate bathroom for her… We didn’t cut off our right hand to please the left hand. In 1960s, America started the Disability Rights Movement and modified our streets and buildings with ramps, convenient for people with disabilities. What a progress! But we didn’t flatten all the stairs and steps. We simply added it on to be inclusive. Why can’t we focus on a win-win solution and add on uni-sex bathrooms? Why can’t we create a caring culture in our schools regardless one’s sexual orientation?

As Mike mentioned earlier, in other countries are focusing their precious resources to keep their children well-equipped for a competitive world. In Japan, classrooms have no AC, not because they couldn’t afford it, but as a nation, they are training their future generations for grit, for endurance, for mental and physical toughness. The world is changing. Right now, there are hundreds of 7th grade students in Longfellow without an English or a science teacher. Will it take 3 weeks for the paperwork? Good teachers are leaving for private schools! Without a focus on the fundamentals of education, does our great nation of America stand a chance on the world stage?

So ladies and gentlemen, if Lily and I had to endure the sexual exposure, like many children will be, I have a question for you: do you choose to expose our innocent children to such a haunting experience in elementary, middle, or high school? Is this our American dream or a nightmare? Thank you!

Speech by Mike Nie:
Respectful County School Board,
Good evening. I am speaking tonight about the strategic planning of our school system. The ultimate goal of our public school is to establish a loving, caring and nurturing environment for your children to learn, to grow and to develop. Unfortunately, Policy 1450 runs afoul of this ultimate goal, as it creates a volatile and hostile, intrusive and abusive environment to our children, especially girls, as it opens access to the gender dysphoria people to the public bathroom, public locker room and public shower room.

In addition, the school board bows to the funding pressure and trades our students safety, security and privacy for dollars and cents. That is immoral, irrational and irresponsible.

I had a talk with a friend, who is a teacher in Japan and told him about what happened here. We all know that our American public school education is far from being perfect, as our students lag behind in science, technology, engineering and math compared with many countries in Asia and Northern Europe. My Japanese friend listened to my telling. He widened his eyes with disbelief, and shook his head with disappointment. “Mike,” he said, “our Japanese young generation will surpass and bypass you, the American, because your school wastes time on strange ideas and strange things.”

What he said shook my core, rocked my heart and made me ashamed. Dear school board, why do we spend so much time and resources on this anti-common sense, nonsensical issue? Why not we use our precious resource on important items, education, teachers training and classroom materials?

Dear school board, I strongly urge you to (1) reconsider the dire consequence of policy 1450, (2) re-align our focus to match our strategic plan, and (3) re-establish the loving, caring and nurturing environment for our students to be happy, healthy, well-balance and well-educated. Remember, our children are in your hands. Thank you.