Transcript of Ms. Qingying Lu’s Speech at the 2/18 FCPS Board Meeting

Good evening, Dear superintendent Garza, Chairman Hynes, and board members,

My name is Qingying Lu, and I live in Braddock district represented by Megan McLaughlin. I’m a parent to a third grader in the AAP center at Willow Springs Elementary and a kindergartener at Laurel Ridge Elementary. I’m here to talk to you regarding Strategic Plan Goal One Student Success.

In my opinion, the goal of student success should apply to each and every student in FCPS and it should not leave anybody out. It should not leave the kids from low income families out, it should not leave the minority kids out, and with the same importance it should not leave the academically advanced students out. However, the proposed cut of AAP centers and the bus service to the centers would actually impair the student success for those with high academic potentials. Take my third-grader as an example. He’s a smart kid and acquired quite a lot of knowledge from books, TV programs, and the internet. As a result, he used to complain a lot that the school work was just too simple and boring to him and he didn’t want to go to school. His teacher also told us that he’s not always concentrating on the lectures in the classroom. Things have changed a lot since he got into the AAP center in the Willow Springs this year. He stopped complaining about the school work being too simple and his behavior in the classroom also got a lot better. He now understands that he’s one of the best academically, but not necessarily the best, and he needs to work hard in order to get ahead. I think AAP Centers create an environment where these high potential kids motivate and inspire each other and that is extremely valuable and essential for these kids to succeed.

Keeping AAP Centers but eliminating the bus service to AAP Centers defeats the purpose of having AAP Centers. Many families with kids going to AAP centers, including ours, won’t be able to afford to drive their kids to the schools everyday time-wise or money-wise. I think it will be so unfair and really sad to see an advanced kid having to leave the AAP center just because there’s no bus service provided which might have a substantial impact to the kid’s entire life.

On the FCPS website, the top belief is that EACH student is entitled to an excellent education that meets his or her INDIVIDUAL needs. Academically advanced students should not be the exception. I urge you to please keep the AAP Centers and keep the bus service to the Centers.

Thank you for listening!

Chinese American Parent Association of Fairfax County (CAPAFC) is a membership organization of Chinese American parents dedicated to the advocacy for excellence and achievement in education.