Summary of Supreme Court Event in Light of Fisher v. University of Texas


December 9, 2015 was a historical day, when the Supreme Court decided on the affirmative action related to the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case.

A 50+ strong group of Chinese parents and stakeholders boldly stood up and spoke up in the chilly and foggy weather in DC, and loudly expressed the view of “equal opportunity for education” at the stairs of the Supreme Court, where history has been re-written and will be re-written again to a better future of our next generations.

We have seen friends and co-dreamers coming from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Orlando. We have met local parents from Fairfax, Howard and D.C. We have accepted interviews from reporters and correspondents from PBS, ABC and CBN News. We have expressed our viewpoints to 华府华语,美华电视 and other Chinese news stations.

Our messages are strong and clear: (1) Equal Opportunities for Education, (2) No More Racial Discrimination, (3) Asian Americans against Ratio Quota, and (4) Treat All Races the Same.

The road to the equal opportunities is a Long March. Local students and families are worried about a whole host of issues: (1) Advanced Academic Program Center impacted by the budget cut, (2) Thomas Jefferson (“TJ”) High School’s revised admission policy to penalize the high-score high-skill Asian students, (3) University of Virginia (and maybe other following-suit state colleges) that may limit the admission from TJ graduates or certain “groups,” (4) Ivy League universities that have repeatedly imposed quota to the applicants with last names of Wang, Chen, Chang, Li, Liu, and all other names no longer than five letters; (5) elite law schools, medical schools and business schools that selectively increase the bar of Asian applicants; and (6) career field invisible glass ceiling or bamboo ceiling to the innocent young professionals who have a yellow face and banana body.