Chinese Parents Attended the Dec. 8th 2015 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Major takes by CAPAFC members from today’s public comment session with Fairfax County Board of Supervisors:

There are two major sources of our county budget: state funds that contributed by our income tax and local fund that comes from our real estate tax.

  • A legislative change is required in order for Richmond to revise funding allocation calculation so that Fairfax County could get more of taxes back to its own school system.
  • Additional local funds may come in the form of a Fairfax County property tax increase, if needed. But it’s not a very popular consideration with the Board of supervisor nor with people who don’t have children in the FCPS system.
  • Board supervisor stated that, given the state’s current allocation formula significantly disfavors Fairfax county, they’ve funded as much as they can to close the gap from local level, which however was disagreed by some school board members.