CAPAFC主席在Asian-American Networking Forum上致辞

December 19, 2015, Vienna, VA

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

My name is Tracy Yuan. I am the president of Chinese American Parent Association of Fairfax County. On behalf of CAPA-FC, I sincerely appreciate this great opportunity to speak about our organization at Asian American Community Forum.

As we know, in Fairfax County, Asian Americans have accounted for 18% of the population, a 5% increase from 2000. As a tradition, Asian families worked very hard and invested heavily in education. As a result, Asian students study hard in schools and have made significant academic achievements at all levels. Notably, 70% of the Thomas Jefferson High School class of 2016 are Asians. Also, Asian students comprise a high percentage of the class in AAP programs at many AAP centers in Fairfax County. Asian families have thrived in Fairfax County and our future depends on the sustainable growth of this great community. However many of these great programs are at risk due to the FCPS budget shortage. Particularly, the AAP centers, transportation to centers and TJ 8th periods are on the list of recommended cuts by the budget task force. Now it is time for us Asian Americans to collaborate and fight together to preserve the programs that are significant to our community.

In this very sprit, we are in the process of forming Chinese American Parent Association of Fairfax County. We are dedicated to the advocacy for excellence and achievement in education. In particular,
· We advocate for laws and best practices that supports the excellence of education.
· We advocate for achievement, fairness for Asian American children and youth;
· We advocate for fiscal responsibility regarding public funding in Fairfax County Public Schools.
· We advocate for education of our children to go beyond personal achievements, to assume leadership roles and greater responsibilities for our community, our nation and our society.

In the past two months, our organization has mobilized more than 700 Chinese parents in Fairfax County. We have successfully organized meetings for Fairfax County School Board candidates to meet with hundreds of concerned Chinese parents at Hope Chinese School. We invited FCPS Superintendent Dr. Karen Gazar’s budget Director, Carol Hurley, to provide an information seminar to Chinese parents on 2016 FCPS budget. We have in the pipeline upcoming seminars and closed in meetings with several of the school board members.

We understand that there remains a long way to go for Asian Americans to fully enjoy equal opportunity in education, career development and all other aspects of our life. However, united we will be heard and united we can make a difference! Today is a great opportunity for us to know each one of of you, the leaders of our Asian Community. If you share the same vision of fighting for educational excellence of our children, we would like to ask you to connect with us. Look forward to the collaboration with you for this great cause.

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!